Air Source Heat Pumps

New Build

info co2Air Source Heat Pumps are designed to improve the efficiency of all domestic homes, both on a retro-fit basis as part of an all overall heating efficiency update and on new build properties.

Many property developers both large and small are now considering Air Source Heat Pumps as the favoured heating source for their development as they work most effectively with new heating technologies which work well at lower temperatures, such as underfloor heating.

At Eden Heating Solutions Ltd we provide a full consultation service in relation to the design of the system, supply of the pump and all associated materials and installation. Due to the experienced teams that we have at hand we take care of not only the installation of the heat pump itself, but also the underfloor heating and integration with radiators and convector heating.

Why Use Air Source Heat Pumps In Your New Build?

  • save up to 70% on energy costs
  • reduce your CO2 emissions
  • very low maintenance costs compared to traditional boiler systems.

If you would like to arrange for a site visit so that we can carry out a survey and advise on which system is required, please email us on or call us on 01603 510109.