Air Source Heat Pumps

Is My Home Suitable For An Air Source Heat Pump

When condsidering whether your home is suitable for an Air Source Heat Pump there are a few key factors that require consideration:

Reduce maintenance costs by up to 50%

How well insulated is your home?

The benefit of an Air Source Heat Pump is that they run efficiently and cost effectively at a lower temperature than many current heating systems such as gas boilers and oil heaters. The concept is that running 24 hours a day at a lower temperature will create a comfortable ambient level of heating for your home. If your home is poorly insulated, installing a new heating system will greatly reduce the effectiveness of the heat pump as the heat generated will escape through draughty windows etc

Do you have space for an Air Source Heat Pump?

Most Air Source Heat Pumps are the size of a small refrigerator unit and need to be situated outside of the property where it can be fitted to a wall or placed on the ground. The positioning will need to be in an area with plenty of space so that the unit can benefit from a good air flow.

Is it a retro-fitting installation? 

You will need to consider all factors when installing an Air Source Heat Pump. Although it is possible to install a heat pump into most properties it is worth considering what other installations will be necessary to make the heat pump work as effectively as possible. As previously mentioned, an Air Source Heat Pump works by generating heat at lower temperatures and is most effective when combined with underfloor heating that also works at a lower temperature. If you have radiators fitted and wish to keep these, they may need replacing for much larger radiators.

What heating system is being replaced?

Air Source Heat Pumps can generate large savings for customers that are currently using electric heating, coal heating or oil heating. In these instances the heat pump will soon pay for itself, (particularly with the consistent year on year increase in the cost of fossil fuels and overall general cost of energy) but is not highly recommended for customers that are connected to the gas grid.

Request A Home Survey 

If you remain unsure as to whether an Air Source Heat Pump best suits your heating requirement please arrange a free no obligation survey of your home to see what we recommend. A trained surveyor will visit your home at your convenience and explain what factors will need to be considered to make your home suitable (if any) and a quotation will be sent to you detailing the estimated annual cost of running the new heat pump so that you can see what savings you can expect.