Air Source Heat Pumps


info winterIn most cases planning permission will not need to be sought when installing an Air Source Heat Pump as most installations on domestic premises are considered to be permitted development from December 2011. Permitted developments will not require an application for planning permission provided all of the conditions listed below are met:

  • The installation of the heat pump is permitted only if the installation complies with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) planning standards or equivalent.
  • The volume of the outdoor compressor unit must not exceed 0.6 cubic metres.
  • Only the first installation of an Air Source Heat Pump would be permitted development and only if there is no existing wind turbine on a building within that property. Additional installations of heat pumps will require planning permission.
  • All parts of the air source heat pump must be at least one metre from the boundaries of the property.
  • Installations on pitched roofs are not permitted developments. Installations on a flat roof are a permitted development providing the heat pump is at least one metre from the external edge.
  • Permitted development rights do not apply to listed buildings.
  • On land within a Conservation Area or World Heritage Site the air source heat pump must not be installed on a wall or roof which fronts a highway or be nearer to any highway which bounds the property than any part of the building.
  • On land that is not within a Conservation Area or World Heritage Site, the air source heat pump must not be installed on a wall if that wall fronts a highway and any part of that wall is above the level of the ground storey.

In addition to the above limits the air source heat pump must also be:

  • Used soley for heating purposes;
  • Removed as soon as reasonably practicable when it is no longer needed for microgeneration;
  • Sited, so far as practicable, to minimise its effect on the external appearance of the building and its effect on the amenity of the area.

Further Permitted Area / Planning Permission Advice

If after reading the above you remain unsure whether or not your installation qualifies as a permitted development please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange for a visit from one of our surveyors who will be able to advise. Should planning permission be required please try the governments planning portal who will guide you through the process of successfully obtaining planning permission for your Air Source Heat Pump installation.