Air Source Heat Pumps


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If you are a home builder you will be required to build the home in accordance with NHBC standards. Chapter 3.1 "Low or Zero Carbon Technologies" has been introduced to ensure expected standards are met with regards to the installation of Air Source Heat Pumps.

It is a concern of the NHBC that certification in accordance with the standard has not been readily available, resulting in too few systems undergoing satisfactory independent assessment. It is worth reinforcing the point that any low to zero carbon technology installed in homes covered by the NHBC should have current certification confirming assessment by an appropriate independant technical authority.

Get Your Heat Pump Installation MCS Accredited

Eden Heating Solutions Ltd is a Migrogeneration Ceritification Scheme (MCS) approved installer of heat pumps. If you are installing an Air Source Heat Pump yourself and are looking to have the installation assessed and accredited, we can offer certification in accordance with MCS that is normally accepted by NHBC.

Once you have completed the installation we will send one of our engineers out to visit you on site and perform the inspection. Providing everything is in accordance with MCS standards we will commission your installation and register the installation on the MCS database once our one off fee has been settled.

Should the installation fail the assessment we will provide you with a full report and agree a timescale for you to make the requirment alterations.

If you are seeking to have your installation assessed and accredited please contact us today.