Air Source Heat Pumps

Benefits of an Air Source Heat Pump

There are a whole host of benefits to installing an Air Source Heat Pump into your home, some of which are listed below:info winter

Savings On Bills

Thanks to the painstaking design of the heat exchange circuit and the use of the new R410A fluid, the ANK high efficiency air source heat pump ensures notable savings on your heating bill, all year round! These savings can be up to 30% per year when compared with condensation boilers. This means that for every £100 spent on electricity, the heat pump will save you about £30!

High Temperature Domestic Water

An Air Source Heat Pump can produce hot water with ambient temperatures down to -20 degrees celcius. The temperature of the water produced can reach 60 degrees in the summer and this means the ANK heat pump can be used to produce domestic hot water and heat a swimming pool all year round.

Saving The Environment

The high efficiency heat pump supplied Eden Heating Solutions is also environmentally friendly, thanks to the increased energy efficiency and the use of R410A refrigerant that is harmless to the ozone layer. As the heat pump utilises the heat found in the surrounding air to generate heating for your home it is less dependant on fossil fuels and is classed as a renewable source of heating.

Air Source Heat Pumps require electricity to run, but for every unit of electricity used, between 2 and 3 units of heat are generated making the system incredibly efficient and reducing C02 emission up to 50%.

Night Time Silence

The ANK high efficiency heat pump was designed with particular emphasis on silent running, thanks to the choice of components with the highest acoustic quality and the continuous monitoring of the machines being developed at Aermec R&D. The accuracy of acoustic data reported by Aermec is guaranteed by the European Certification Body Eurovent.

Additional Benefits

  • An Air Source Heat Pump generates less C02 than conventional heating systems (see below).
  • Installation of an Air Source Heat Pump is easy and ideal for both new-build properties and retrofit alike.
  • Suitable for comprehensive heating of your home via radiators, underfloor heating systems and hot water. The heat pump will operate in temperatures ranging from 35c to -20c.
  • The technology found in an Air Source Heat Pump is similar to that used in refrigeration units meaning that they can act as a source of air-conditioning during the summer.
  • Requires very little maintenance.
  • Can provide you with substantial savings on your fuel bills, especially if you are replacing conventional electric heating. 

 What is R410A

R410A is a highly efficient thermo-dynamic fluid and this guarantees a reduction in CO2 emissions. Adding up the savings made on summer air conditioning, winter heating and the production of domestic hot water, CO2 emissions are reduced by 30% compared with a condensation boiler.